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Just be you: is it that easy in business?

If you’re a normal (ish) person, you’ll have a pretty easy time being you – no matter what you’re doing. But if you’re a bit off-kilter, things can be challenging.

Honesty in business: is it the best policy?

If you’re running a drug cartel, being honest in business may not be your biggest priority. Your entire operation is built on deception. And telling a few lies might keep you from being executed.

8 types of SEO to know for your business

Most things in life are rarely straightforward. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is sort of the same. It’s an area of marketing that has different aspects to it.

Smash your keywords with customer intent

Be prepared to read the word ‘intent’ for some time yet. And I’m actively against keyword cramming. I’m such an arse. Also, when I hear the word ‘intent’ I always think, ‘intent to harm’ or something similar.

Learn to unlock your long-tail keywords

Here, have another really annoying business acronym – at this rate you’ll have an entire glossary of terms to ignore. I’ve lovingly written this post in the hope it will help you understand how knowing your USP can boost your organic traffic.

5 bad client traits and how to deal with them

This post goes out to those B2B peeps that have had enough of bad (client) love. Sit back, grab a beer (or tea) and listen to some superb advice on spotting the douche bag clients and how you deal with them.

Great content writing is like great sex

SEO content writing is such a dull subject that it often requires bags of humour or something scandalous. After all, I want you to enjoy reading this so you can pick out all the ‘value’ and apply it to your business.

Swearing in business: what’s the f*ckin’ problem?

Swearing. Not this old chestnut again Sarah! Yes, I know, but I don’t feel I’ve fully exorcised this demon. As Father Merrin stands by my bedside shouting “the blood of christ compels you!” I vomit this – I too, am getting tired of talking about it.

E-A-T: The SEO principle that feeds your prospects

Stuff your goddamn face with the all you can E-A-T principle of SEO. And yes, I seem to love dull subjects. Perhaps I view it as a challenge, a sort of, “how interesting/funny/rude can I make this boring topic?”

Business blog right: don’t get Barry in HR to do it

I’m sure Barry has written some very adequate emails. He might even have a GCSE in English. I’m making judgments about Barry based on very little but writing a fairly decent workplace message does not, a content writer make.

Rip up the rule book of business copy

I tried to put a lid on my personality when I started my business. I thought I needed to be something else in order for serious and important grown-ups to buy from me.

Build a website with SEO: 8 bangin’ tips

This is a lovely little overview on DIY website building. It’s not a step-by-step guide based on one particular platform, rather more me, brain-dumping my knowledge for your viewing pleasure.

6 things to crack business content writing

When I first wrote this article we were in the grips of covid. Life was weird then, I spent most of my time drinking pints of gin and crying in the toilet. Anyway, back to business content writing…