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SEO Content Writer who can really write.

You’re looking for a freelance SEO content writer (hi, I’m Sarah), but you don’t want to compromise quality for search. And let’s be honest, you’re still clinging to the tired notion that you can’t have both.

Well, you can. This is one of the few times you’ll truly have it all: great writing that’s optimised for Google.

Side note: if this is way too much text for you, and you *just* want to know about SEO content writing services and pricing, hit the button.

SEO content writer that can really writer

Sarah breathes life into dry business language. — Lina Navickaite, Smartup Visuals.

Not only can you have proper writing (that’s SEO-ready) but you can FINALLY be rid of all that dull, samey business speak. So no more, “We’re delighted to announce”, say goodbye to, “We’re the market leader” and kick, “We’re passionate about [WHATEVER]” to the kerb.

Who even are you?

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“I own a small/medium-sized business and I want you to write for us.”

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“I’m a freelancer and I need serious help with my written content.”

BREAKING: B2B SEO Content Writer hates business patter…

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