Freelance SEO writer that isn't bland AF. Image of writing on a dark backgound. The writing reads: defy business content convention with SEO content writing that reads good.

Freelance SEO Writer that can really write.

Yes, the phrase ‘freelance SEO writer’ is a total passion killer. But that’s me, Sarah Wilson-Blackwell, the bucket of cold water to your creative ardour (hi). Alas, you need Search Engine Optimisation for all those clickety-clicks. What a dilemma and what a contradiction—why would anyone tuck into your tasty content if it were made for bots?

Well, they wouldn’t—and they don’t because you need decent writing to get people turned on to what you have to say. Listen, hun (can I call you hun? Too late) you no longer have to compromise quality for search. We’re not living in the 90s (thank the Lord). Keyword stuffing is out, just like those ridiculous wide-legged jeans. Today, the algo is practically breathing. The SEO bottom line is this: optimising for search and writing enjoyable, readable words are the same damn thing.

Freelance SEO writer

SEO isn’t all about organic clicks.

Search—organic traffic is a biggie. But there are other kinds of traffic to your website, for example, the kind that comes from your social media profiles or email campaigns. All your marketing channels deserve (and desperately need) proper content. When you make the best decision of your career and choose to work with me, I’ll give you two things: 1) audience-loving writing and 2) visibility that won’t kill creativity.

So, who even are you?

I work with business folk who value LOLs. I SEO, I write, and I create content strategies. I also help freelancers write better.

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“I own a small/medium-sized business and I want you to write for us.”

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“I’m a freelancer and I need serious help with my written content.”

This is me on a little video…

Helpful Guides for Business Misfits.

Are you a lovely weirdo, running your little concern? (I really hope you are, otherwise, I’ve wasted a lot of time attracting the wrong folks.) As a business owner, do you get gleefully giddy by the bland, samey guff you find on Google? No? Great, pull up a chair and get a load of The Misfit’s Guide to:

Content Writing
Freelance SEO writer
SEO writer

Learn SEO Content Writing: The eBook.

Learn SEO content writing

Nice things people said…

Am I the business writer for you?

In all honesty, probably not but there’s no harm in you finding out.

Do you want me, like, NOW?

FYI: I don’t do last-minute projects but if you’d like to hire me within a sensible timeframe, knock yourself out.

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