Why the bloody hell aren’t you blogging?

Hey, you’ve got a great website yeah, but where’s the ruddy blog?

Maybe you are blogging (writing some guff around your pretty images once a year) except you don’t have time to do more in between all your other work… *eye roll*

‘Actually Sarah, I have someone writing my blog for me…’

Oh, do you? Who, your mum? Your mates BF? If you do really have someone legit writing your blog, ‘your mum’ or whatever then great, this probably isn’t for you… or is it…?

I love writing. I have always written stuff since I was a kid. I write no matter the mood, but you really need to enjoy doing it and if you don’t you will avoid it.

Blog writing can seem a bit daunting. It means putting yourself out there and sharing your opinions to strangers. Like any exposure, it can open you up to all kinds of interaction, good or bad

When I started my cake business years ago I neglected writing a blog because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what possible value it would add. Now, as an SEO conscious content writer, I know the ways to drum up organic website traffic and blogging is the most significant component to that.

Why should you blog?

  • It’s the first stage in your buying process. People are looking for solutions to their problems. If you have a blog post that offers the answer that they’re looking for then there is every chance they will buy your product.
  • It’s really good for your website. Driving traffic to your slice of the internet is what it’s all about. Content is the most important thing for your SEO ranking and to find out more about that take a look at my post How To Write An SEO Friendly Blog That People Want To Read.
  • Current work can be viewed on your landing page. Most websites are mobilised for a blog and they will allow you to feature certain projects on a desired page. Perfect opportunity to use the platform to show off a little and celebrate new success.
  • Showcase your knowledge by informing your audience. You get to talk about your methods and what works for you, this could be really helpful to others who might be starting out in the industry and maybe want a mentor.
  • Talks to your client base. It allows people to build trust and get to know you. Once you nurture a relationship and show how competent you are they’ll want to buy.

How great is that? I know, it’s pretty great….

Find the tone

The tone or voice of your website will determine how you write your blog. My tone/voice is pretty relaxed and it’s how I wish to present my business and myself to prospective clients; by being me. It also depends who the blog is for. If you’re writing a blog for the parish council for example, I’m guessing you won’t be effin’ ’n’ jeffin’ all over the show unless it happens to be my parish council, in that case all bets are off.

Keep it interesting

Huge chunks of text are intimidating, boring and a complete turn-off. Use small paragraphs, images and headings to make it easy to read through. I do love a bulleted list and a pull quote or two.

And please for the love of all things holy make your written word worth reading. Don’t bombard the reader with just facts and techie info.

To jargon or not to jargon? Depends on your audience. If you’re writing for a specific market, chances are they’ll understand but if you have to convey a message to people who don’t speak the lingo you’ll need to find inclusive language to avoid alienating your audience.


Not everyone is a content writer or copywriter and even they make mistakes. Don’t feel intimidated by that, especially if you’re great with creating good content. If you can’t afford a proofreader, have someone you know take a look.

How long is long?

My blog posts are around 1000 words or just over. I think that works ok for ranking and it doesn’t bore my audience. It depends on who you talk to. Google likes a lot of good, regularly added content and some suggest your blog should be around 2500 words! If you can write engaging posts for that length then well done you!

How often should you post?

As much as you goddamn can. You gotta keep feeding the SEO beast. OK, I’ll be honest, I blog about once a month, sometimes twice because I’m a maverick. Life gets in the way so I don’t blog as much as I like (and should). If you’re starting a blog for your business, hire a content writer to do it, it will save you so much time.

You might also like to read my other post on blogging: How To Blog: Find The WHY And What Tone To Write It In.

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