Website Content Review

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“I was unsure whether my website was worth Sarah’s review, as it’s small, niche and slightly uncared-for, and the target market isn’t known for patience when hunting things down online. So I worried there wouldn’t be much to say. But very quickly, back came enough insight to reorganise the business, not just the website and with some fairly uncomfortable takeaways delivered with the grace and style on display in all Sarah’s writing. Uncomfortable in the sense that I hadn’t reckoned on re-thinking as much as is needed, and with the honest truth that SEO isn’t going to work magic for what we’re doing. But a valuable basis for sorting out what needs to be sorted out. Sarah knows her stuff, and the advice is practical, honest, and genuinely constructive in the best way.” — DARYL HEWISON, META EIGHT

Is your website content a bit of a horror show?

And I don’t mean is it scary fun, no. I’m asking, are the words just the most diabolical thing to ever live on the internet? Because if they are, you probably need a content overhaul.

First impressions count.

They do and if your website is still talking like it’s the 90s, or it’s a self-centred brat, it needs to be fixed. If the quality of your content is bad, people will leave feeling a bit sad. And you just blew your chances of creating a positive impression, shame on you.

User experience (UX)

Google cares about visitors to your online space. The humans reading your blurb are all that matter. If your content is lame, people will have a terrible experience.

What is the Website Content Review?

It takes care of all your content, including your blog. Here’s what I’ll be tackling:


You’ll get a detailed report of my assessment and recommendations.

That might include how to forge forward with a content strategy, how to structure your writing so it’s better for search, or how to make changes to your ideal client and improve positioning.

Although I follow a set process for each review, every outcome is unique.

It’s a bit like being a Tarot card reader. Your website reveals itself to me and I translate those revelations (but with actual facts, not vague interpretations). You’ll be armed with the knowledge to make your website content better for the people you built it for—your target customer.


Here’s how to book the Website Content Review

  1. Write down what you want your website to do
  2. Include a link to your site
  3. Email all that to: