Have you ever wanted a private dancer?

Where you pay a one-off fee to be ‘entertained’? There’s something really nice and transactional about that kind of service. Me being your guest blogger is a exactly like that.

Your long-form content is the most important thing to your websites SEO and here are some of the things it should be doing:

  • Attracting clients
  • Answering their search queries
  • Demonstrating your expertise
  • Wowing them with engaging content
  • Making them take action

A featured writer is a great way to keep things interesting. You can try out what I do best and maybe see if you want to hire me on the regular.

Here’s what you get with the Guest Blogger service:

  • Me being my irreverent self
  • Research into your chosen topic 
  • Identify targeted keywords and phrases
  • SEO title research
  • Original, readable copy for one blog post (up to 2000 words)
  • Internal links
  • Format content with pull quotes and subheadings
  • Add a CTA (Call To Action button/link)
  • Optimise meta title tag and description
  • Images (where applicable along with SEO titles and alt. SEO titles)
  • Proofread 
  • Upload to your website*

*I will need access to your site or blog to add a CTA button, internal links and to optimise the meta title tags (page title info). You can choose to do this yourself from a formatted document.


Here’s how to book this service:

  1. Grab a link to your blog
  2. Send it to: info@thesarkytype.com
  3. I’ll be in touch to arrange the next steps

Still not sure? Take a look at how I write for me: