Guest Blogger £295

Have you ever thought about hiring a featured blogger? Not just any old blogger, but me?

Here’s why I think you should:

  • It would be hilarious!
  • Add a little variety to your content
  • Test my individual style on your audience


Blog Review £195

Is your current blog doing what you want it to? If you enjoy blogging but have no idea how to get people to read it, a review might be what you need.

Here’s what it will help with:

  • Figure out your objective
  • Learn how to attract potential clients
  • Create readable, SEO-friendly content


Website Review £420

When was the last time you looked at your website? If you have one it should be visible and attracting your people. Having a web presence alone is not enough.

It needs to be:

  • Client-focused
  • Easy to use
  • Guide the visitor to take action


Other Projects

My fixed priced services not hitting the spot? My tailor-made writing and consultant work starts from £400, and that includes stuff like this:

  • Webcopy
  • Microcopy
  • Copyediting
  • Meta title tags and descriptions
  • Business slogan creation
  • Ghostwritten articles and blog posts
  • Full content review

If you’d like to book some of that, here’s how:


Bit strapped for cash to hire me right now?

You could spend £2.99 and learn to SEO the bejesus out of your current content!

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