Are you SEOing like it’s 1999?

If you’re still wearing rave clobber you might also be keyword-stuffing. It used to be as fashionable as your acid smiley bucket hat but no more, those days are gone. Writing for your business is a tough gig and SEO is the least of your worries. Besides, it sucks all the personality out of your content, right? See, that attitude is why you need my help but don’t take my word for it…

“Giving a shout-out to Sarah Wilson-Blackwell. The girl who finally got SEO to click in my brain via some of the funniest copywriting (and sexual innuendo) I’ve ever seen. What an absolute ruddy hilarious genius! I don’t know how I started following Sarah, but I remember her posting about her email series that walks you through SEO in 10 steps. You see, I’m a Marketing Strategist, and I take an end-to-end view. I’m not a specialist in any one area, so I’m always looking to grow my skill set. SEO has ALWAYS been my nemesis – whilst I get it conceptually, it all falls apart when I try to get practical with it. After a few emails from Sarah, not only was I thinking, damn this girl makes me laugh, but things were beginning to click in my brain where SEO is concerned. I wanted to know more. Then boom, she lands in my inbox with a perfectly-placed offer on her eBook: Heavy Traffic. I hoovered the eBook up one evening, jumped straight onto a keyword search tool, and had a plan together to optimise my website SEO in the space of just one evening. Somehow Sarah managed to achieve what no other SEO expert I have encountered has thus far: get the information into my brain in a funny, accessible way. Not only that, but I could put this new information into practice and get the job done right then and there. Thanks, Sarah Wilson-Blackwell for your fantastic social media content, your amazing eBook, and being a total SEO badass. Kudos to you!”Siobhan Fox, Marketing Strategy Consultant

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But what you don’t want is bot-pleasing old-style optimisation—you would HATE that and so would your audience. What you want is web-ready content your people will greedily swallow (like a pill at an illegal rave).

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