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SEO copywriting and content writing: my process

SEO copywriting

In truth, this post is to remind me what the hell I’m doing as an SEO copywriter and content writer. It’s also to help those who might hire me. If that isn’t you, go and do something else. 

Putting the ‘writing’ into SEO copywriting and content writing.

Forget about SEO for just one moment and let’s talk about words. I’m not bad with words, I enjoy writing them.

They’re fun to be around, much more fun than any human even the ones I think are interesting and/or bangable.

And unlike the people in my life, they’re easily manipulated. I put them in whatever order I want and sometimes magic happens.

I’m making the point that writing well is the greatest gift you can give to your website and online environs. SEO-optimised text – with zero writing ability is keyword cramming. And that reads like shit.

Going keyword bonkers is shooting yourself in the SEO foot.

Don’t be this mug:

“We are artisan bread makers in Hull. We bake our artisan bread on-site in our bakery in Hull. We are passionate about artisan bread and are the leading artisan bread supplier in Hull”

I think you’ll agree, that was terrible.

Here are my three degrees of SEO copywriting and content writing:

  1. Get seen: be visible to those who want what you offer
  2. Attract clients: hook in prospects with excellent writing
  3. Build trust: show what you know and people will buy

Ok, I need to clear this up: SEO content writing attracts people to your yard (website) and copywriting compels them to take some kind of action while they’re there.

If you wanna know more about the difference, go here.

Who’s all this writing for?

So, I’m a B2B SEO content writer and copywriter.

In plain English, I write search engine-optimised content and copy for other business types.

That sounds really lame and implies there’s no fun in the writing. Not so, I only pen brilliantly engaging content and copy for businesses that view themselves as misfits and agitators.

I apologise if I overexplained that, I blame Mother. She gives me endless details about mundane events, like meeting deaf Anne at Tesco:

“You remember deaf Anne, she lived at the bottom of grannies garden”

Deaf Anne sounds like a hedgehog.

“Had two sons. Married a welder”

Nope, I still have no idea.

“She was a part-time pirate. Liked to drink shots and dance naked at the Legion.”

Putting the ‘SEO’ into SEO copywriting and content writing.

I’ll try to make this quicker than a teenager’s first time.

Content SEO.

Content has its own SEO category because it’s IMPORTANT.

You’ve heard about keywords, well, the ones I get giddy for are the long-tail sort (LTKs) because they get to the heart of what you’re all about. 

For example, why be an ‘accountant’ when you could be an ‘accountant helping big earners with tax avoidance schemes’?

Seriously though, why be an accountant? 

I think I’ve made it pretty clear, writing shit-hot words is SEO copywriting and content writing but that also includes:

Technical SEO. 

I don’t fiddle with the arse-end of websites. In terms of content writing, the main technical aspects of SEO that I dabble in are:

On-page SEO.

SEO is about making what you’re selling, easy to find but also, easy to consume. Text-dumping on a page without formatting is a shoddy way to behave. When I write something nice for you I’ll also be doing this:

Adding the LOLs to the copy.

Humour sells.

Some of us like to laugh, and we remember the ad campaigns that made us snigger. I write copy for businesses that want that. Yes, humour is subjective but so is great branding.

I’m telling you now, you shouldn’t try to be the everyman in your industry.

It doesn’t matter if your business sells to other companies or the great unwashed, you need to decide who’s buying your product. A client will usually give me a starting point (favourite comedian or funny brand) as inspiration and off I go, giving them that thing. It’s like acting only I don’t have to leave the house.

Here’s how I work.

Having to deal with rubbish clients grinds my gears but it means I’ve refined my process to avoid the dickwads. I now get the prospects I want.

What I need from you.

A sense of humour (no shit) and a lot of information. I’m going to ask you questions, lots of questions, and some might be tricky to answer but answer them you must for I won’t be able to produce top-notch ‘hilarious’ content without those answers.


I online stalk your business. I research your industry, the chosen topic, and your target market. I check out your potential clients’ search behaviours and research LTKs that are relevant to the copy.


I’ll be writing (as you) and based on all the info I gather, you’ll get original wordage for your brandage.

First draft.

I understand you’ll want to make sure I’m giving you what you want. I’ll hand you the first draft to check through and you’ll get to pop all your suggested edits under each section of the copy.


TRUST your writer.

Some folks like to act as editor-in-chief when they get the first draft, it does something to their brains. If you’ve hired me to write words, chances are you’re not very good at the job yourself.

The original content needs to remain the same. I won’t accept a draft back if it’s been tampered with.

The deal is, I edit my own work. You’re not paying me to edit yours. And if you harbour a desire to write, don’t hire me, go and start a personal blog.

There might be times when I disagree with your suggestions.

I’ll always give you a decent reason, it’s up to you to accept my ability to know how to write content over yours.

Some of your ideas might work—in truth, you’re much more likely to hamper the copy with unnecessary words and clichés. In reality, it will take more time to edit your version of the text than mine.


This is the right time for suggested edits and grammatical fixes.

But not by you (or me), someone qualified. Humans are shit at spotting their own mistakes. Doesn’t matter a damn if they write for a living because writers are humans too (yes, even me). Having fresh eyes on the text is something I won’t do without, and it will make your new copy infinitely better.

Completed project.

Hello to shiny new content. Pretty isn’t it? Having a focused brief and rigorous planning stage means there will never need to be endless rewrites. You get one chance to moan about the work, so make it count.

You’ll probably moan less if you hire someone you like and whose ability you trust and value.

Freelance SEO writer

Sarah Wilson-Blackwell

I’m a freelance business content writer at The Sarky Type®. My thang is SEO-informed blurb that sets your words on fire (ablaze with LOLs and engagement not to be confused with real fire that destroys everything in sight. Metaphors are better when they don’t require explanation. Note to self).