You might feel a bit intimidated by the term, but that’s because you probably don’t know much about it. Think of SEO as ‘visibility’ – being seen on the web, so your prospects find you.

In terms of your content it means attracting clients to your site, via an organic web search. That means not having to pay for the privilege. When prospective clients type specific keywords into a search engine you show up based on those terms. Voila!

Did you know that 70% of clicks are via organic search page results?

Neil Patel NP Digital

Well, they are and I don’t know about you but I nearly always avoid the paid ads that land on the top of the page.

Beautifully written content is already, SEO friendly

But we need to do some other things in order to work those words harder. There is a misconception that stuffing a whole load of keywords into your content is what it takes to rank well on Google. Sadly, this will work against your ranking.

Whilst targeted keyword research is vital, writing great, human-focused content does most of the work. If you want to know how I can help write SEO content for your business, push the button:

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