Understand all this yet?

Don’t sweat it, SEO is all about being visible to those searching for your services. Think of it like a high-vis jacket that we’re going to wrap around your words. Here are some of the things your written content should be doing:

  • Attracting clients
  • Answering their search queries
  • Demonstrating your expertise
  • Wowing them with engaging content
  • Making them take action

But wait, beautifully written content is already SEO friendly

It is, but there are other things that work those words harder – keyword research is only one slice of the SEO, content writing pie. Here are the types of SEO I usually deal with:

  • Technical SEO – optimising a website for content visibility
  • On-page SEO – optimising individual pages of content
  • Off-page SEO – promoting content elsewhere online

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