“Clear, funny, informative and clever”

An introduction to the art of SEO content writing

Making SEO easy to understand is why I wrote this eBook. It will help you build SEO know-how into your online business content. Unlocking your ability to create engaging, made-for-humans wordage that they’ll just love.

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Drive organic traffic to your website with SEO content writing

(Not by f**king keyword cramming!)


“This is a bitesize power hour on how to turbocharge your websites’ organic traffic. Replete with sarky wit and easy-to-wrap-your-noggin-around examples, ‘Heavy Traffic’ reads like no other marketing book you’re likely to come across. It’s all a bit rock and roll with plenty of, ‘I can’t believe she wrote that’ moments.”

“A rather brilliant curio, and an informative nugget on how to write content.”

“I spent hard-earned money after reading a three-star review that criticised style and not content. As a quintessential Brit with issues, her style is right up my street.”

“I don’t like this person so I didn’t expect to find her book so useful. I resent just how much I’ve managed to apply it to my business writing.”

“Heavy Traffic is as funny as it is informative. She delivers what promises to be a dry, boring, mundane, pedantic subject in a delightfully light, deadpan cadence.”