Blog Review

“Having my blog organised, structured, and of use to my business wasn’t something I’d thought about. Sarah’s review is honest, straightforward and packed full of recommendations. Her feedback has opened my eyes to just how badly I was using this valuable business resource.”

Richard Godfrey, Syncity

Are you a bit lost with blogging?

This is the organic-traffic gift you cannot do without.

And although it takes some serious investment, it will benefit so many aspects of your business, from building trust and authority to curating a huge online library of valuable, searchable content.

Here’s what your blog should be doing

  • Attracting clients
  • Answering their search queries
  • Demonstrating your expertise
  • Wowing them with engaging content
  • Making them take action

It’s easy to forget (or not know) why you blog. I’d really love to kick the crap out of your current efforts and get it working harder for your website.

What to expect from the Blog Review

I’ll take a look through your long-form content and provide feedback on the following points.

  • Target audience
  • Objective
  • Quality of content
  • Length
  • Consistency
  • Tone, style, and perspective
  • Title structure
  • Identify focus keyword
  • Layout and formating
  • Other media used
  • Internal links
  • Outbound links
  • CTAs
  • Blog sign-up
  • Comments and shares
  • Permalink structures
  • Meta titles and descriptions structure
  • Mobile access
  • Further recommendations

You’ll get a detailed report of my assessment and recommendations.


You will, at last, understand how to write for your target audience. It will become second nature to create searchable content they actually want. And that means the right people will find your website.


Here’s how to book the Blog Review

  1. Tell me who your target market is and provide a link to your blog
  2. Email all that to:
  3. I’ll be in touch to arrange the next steps

Need more convincing? Take a look at my blog post on the subject: