• Content Confab

    Content Confab “Loved our chat Sarah. It was great to be able to ask all the questions that have been running through my head when I try to SEO my content. To actually speak to a real human, someone living and breathing it rather than just reading theory, makes it all seem achievable and logical.…

    Content Confab

  • Tailored Content Help

    Don’t need a writer? But maybe you need content help. If you’re a freelancer doing it all and want guidance, or your business is looking to get serious about strategy, I’m here for you. Content Confab £200 Do you want to pick my brains for an hour? Sounds gross but you might find it super…

    Tailored Content Help

  • The Misfit’s Guide to Content Writing

    The Misfit’s Guide to Content Writing Throughout this Misfit’s Guide to Content Writing, you’ll find clickable text and images. These will take you to articles that explore the subject further. Mazin’! What is content writing?  Content writing is a marketing strategy. It involves writing engaging words that get people interested in your business. The main…

    The Misfit’s Guide to Content Writing