Still confused?

Don’t sweat it, SEO is about being visible to those searching for your services – think of it like a high-vis jacket we wrap around your words.

When we do that, your copy should be doing this:

  • Attracting clients
  • Answering their search queries
  • Demonstrating your expertise
  • Wowing them with engaging content
  • Making them take action

Where does SEO come in?

Brilliant writing is, in part, SEO-optimised but SEO content writing involves the following:

  • Industry research (your business and your competitors)
  • Ideal client search behaviours
  • Client-centric copy
  • Pain point assessment
  • Pain point solution
  • Guide the client towards a destination

Keywords and long-tail keywords (LTKs)

Targeting broad, competitive keywords won’t give you much organic traffic. Figuring out your LTKs – detailed phrases that describe exactly what you do, or what you sell will allow you to narrow your target area to those seeking what you’re offering.

I do all this in these areas of SEO:

  • Content SEO – specifically, words on site pages
  • Technical SEO – permalink structures and meta tags
  • On-page SEO – headings, subheadings and text formatting

Keep in mind that SEO is forever and it takes time.