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Spread some SEO butter on your content toast. If it’s your job to create online wordage, you’ll love these resources (and learning won’t be boring – trust me).

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Learn SEO for free

The bestest funniest guide to SEO content writing, EVER.

Attract your audience with this LOL walkthrough.

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▪︎ Content SEO

▪︎ Keywords

▪︎ Pillar content

▪︎ Copywriting

▪︎ Blogging

▪︎ Lead generation

▪︎ Brand polarisation

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Learn SEO content writing

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Useful SEO articles.

Smash your keywords with customer intent

Smash your keywords with customer intent

Be prepared to read the word ‘intent’ for some time yet. And I’m actively against keyword cramming. I’m such an arse. Also, when I hear the word ‘intent’ I always think, ‘intent to harm’ or something similar.

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Are you SEOing like it’s 1999?

If you’re still wearing raver clobber, you might also be keyword stuffing. It once was as fashionable as your acid smiley bucket hat. But no more, those days are gone.

You’re a writer and that alone is hard.

SEO is the least of your worries and let’s be honest, it sucks all the personality out of your content, right? See, that attitude is why you need help.

SEO is the bomb for online writing. But what you don’t want is bot-pleasing old-style optimisation. Nope, you want web-ready content your audience will want to swallow (like an illicit pill at an illegal all-nighter).

SEO your content. The email series.