Finally, what we all need…

A sarky sweary intro on how to learn SEO content writing.

If you pale at the thought of SEO, if you can’t write content for love nor money, if you like a laugh and enjoy a few swears, then this my friend, is the eBook for you.

I’ll show you how to SEO the bejesus outta your online copy, and better still, it will take about an hour to read.

Drive organic traffic to your website with SEO content writing
Learn SEO content writing



Don’t take my word for it…

“A rather brilliant curio, and an informative nugget on how to write content.”

“This is a bitesize power hour on how to turbocharge your websites’ organic traffic. Replete with sarky wit and easy-to-wrap-your-noggin-around examples, ‘Heavy Traffic’ reads like no other marketing book you’re likely to come across. It’s all a bit rock and roll with plenty of, ‘I can’t believe she wrote that’ moments.”

“It’s perfect. It takes you from zero to where you need to be either to dig deeper yourself or outsource to someone without getting the wool pulled over your eyes. You’ve got a gift for writing and explaining, Sarah.”

“I spent hard-earned money after reading a three-star review that criticised style and not content. As a quintessential Brit with issues, her style is right up my street.”

“I don’t like this person so I didn’t expect to find her book so useful. I resent just how much I’ve managed to apply it to my business writing.”

“Heavy Traffic is as funny as it is informative. She delivers what promises to be a dry, boring, mundane, pedantic subject in a delightfully light, deadpan cadence.”

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