If you want to hire an SEO content writer and copywriter, look no further.

I don’t do generic, dry, dead-eyed business copy but if you fancy something a bit ‘under the counter’ I might be able to help.

My name is Sarah Wilson-Blackwell and to give you an idea of who I am as a human, I’ve made this ‘professional’ video for your viewing pleasure:



I did 20 years in admin.

I now realise I could have served less time at her majesty’s pleasure for murder.

Office work didn’t teach me anything about writing but it taught me some decent business skills (and life lessons – don’t work for anyone ever again). I haven’t won any awards and Forbes will probably never feature me. I could reel off my CV but that would be as helpful to you as a sponge mudguard

I’m great at writing for your business. If my blog and my book don’t convince you, I’m not sure what else will.

How do I work?

You’ll be interested to know what you’re getting into when you agree to work with me. And I think it’s only fair you understand my process and what I expect from you.

Here are two articles I think you should read:

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Reasons not to hire an SEO content writer

Take a look at my Terms of Service for the boring stuff.

What else?

I’m a keen photographer and I write a personal blog about the things that get under my skin.

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