You might be if you’re looking for an SEO content writer come copywriter.

We’re not all the same though, and if you’re looking for some dry, lifeless, mediocre copy – baby, I am not your girl. But if you want to choose life, I might have something for you.

To get more of a flavour of who I am as a human, I’ve made this ‘professional’ video for your viewing pleasure:



I did 20 years in admin. That uninspiring occupation didn’t teach me anything about writing but it made me great at running a business. Let’s be honest, you’re not interested in all this stuff, you want to know if I can do the job you need.

I’m great at writing content for your business. And if you want personality, humour and engaging copy, that’s what you’ll get.

Not only do I look after this business-baby but I’m partner of The Oxford Cake Co. and owner of Wilson Blackwell Photography. Go me!

Still not sure about hiring me?

One way to find out if I’m the content person for you is to take a look at My Blog. It’s choc-full of helpful stuff and you’ll decide pretty quickly if it’s what you’ve been looking for. Why not read about my process as an SEO content writer, It will tell you what you can expect when working with me.