Custom SEO content writing

Custom SEO content writing and copywriting, lovingly prepared for your business.

Here’s how I get you seen by the right people and convince them to buy from you.


All your web pages have a different reason to exist.

Some are to sell a product or service, and nearly all will want the visitor to take some kind of action. Only when we understand the purpose of every page, will we be able to achieve strategic, focused, targeted webcopy.


Think about those small (but important) pieces of text on your call to action links and buttons.

They are pretty key to clinching the deal, a deal that has been primed with cracking webcopy. These diminutive phrases sit on your blog and landing pages. And let’s not forget the snappy business slogan that crystalises your entire offering.


You might be brimming with ideas but maybe you struggle to translate them to actionable words.

Writing is not everybody’s thing. SEO content writing and copywriting is not every writers’ thing – that’s why you need to hire a specialist.

Meta titles and descriptions

I’m referring to text snippets that show up on search engine results pages.

They’re pretty important when it comes to attracting your people. Each and every page you publish will have a meta element. If those aren’t customised, you’re missing the opportunity to be found by your target customer.


Sounds spooky but this is the kind of writing I do when I’m creating content and copy on behalf of your business.

It’s like really good method acting, only without wigs and greasepaint. I get inside your business brain and become your organisation for the duration of a blog or article.

Full content review

If most business types were honest, they’d admit their content and copy, sucks.

And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the words you use are a big deal in terms of sales. I can look at everything you currently have and tell you how to make it better. You choose to do the work or hire me to do it.

Here’s how to book custom SEO content writing and copywriting work

Action plan and quote

For £100 you’ll get a detailed plan of attack along with the project cost. If you decide to go ahead, I deduct that fee from the work balance.

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