Content Writing Services

Content writing services

“Sarah kicked the crap out of my website copy with her witty, readable and web optimised text. Her sense of humour is a mask she wears online to hide a razor-sharp professional focus which she applies to her projects.”

Chris Rawson, Radar Film

Know this: I am expensive, daaaaarling.

Most projects start at £2000. Guess what, you can find content writing services much cheaper. Yep. Pop along to Upwork or Fiverr and you’ll see what I mean. And if cost is where you place the value, we ain’t never gonna gel. But I reckon if you’re here, reading this, you’re after something better, different and ace to read. Ok, here’s what I do…


Web pages have different reasons to exist. Some sell and some inform (and some of them do both).

Your homepage is the trunk of your website’s tree. It guides the visitor to other branches of content. Webcopy asks people to do something and it wants that decision pretty quick.

Web content.

I’m talking about blogs and articles. This is the kind of information that educates your audience whilst secretly selling your product or service. It does that by proving you’re trustworthy, that you’re an authority in your industry, and so, someone your prospects want to buy from.


Think about those small (but important) pieces of text on your call-to-action links and buttons. They’re pretty key to clinching the deal (a deal that has been primed with cracking webcopy). These diminutive phrases sit on your blog and landing pages. And let’s not forget the snappy business slogan that crystalises your entire offering.


You might be brimming with ideas but maybe you’re rubbish at translating them into words. Even the worst rough draft can be turned around by a decent writer as long as you provide all the right information.

Meta titles and descriptions.

These are the text snippets that show up on search engine results pages. They’re pretty important when it comes to attracting your people. Each and every page you publish will have a meta element. If those aren’t customised, you’re missing the opportunity to be found by your target customer.

Full content review.

If some business types were honest, they’d admit their content and copy is shoddy. Those folks kid themselves that words don’t matter in terms of sales. If you do care about your terrible content, I can look at everything you currently have and tell you how to make it better.

Here’s what you get when I write:

Action Plan and Quote


If you want content, you’ll need to know the damage. I give you a detailed plan of attack (not a lame proposal) along with the project cost. If you decide to book, I’ll knock off the 100 quid.

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