Content writing help with my weekly emails

SEO your content

Terrible content is losing you cash.

Badly written wordage impacts negatively on your business but if you’re willing to learn, I’ll teach you (because right now, you know you kinda suck).

Content is the nuts for SEO.

It drives both organic and direct traffic to your online yard. But more importantly content is your business. You can’t communicate your message with semaphore or interpretative dance—not if you want people to clearly understand you. Words get your audience interested. If they remain intrigued, they’ll do that thing you’re asking of them.

Content writing help with my weekly emails

Emails that you’ll actually read.

Ok, that’s not guaranteed, you might decide these regular insights are not for you but this email newsletter is not like other girls—it’s not the usual marketing fluff you sign up for. It’s helpful, funny, (well, I think so), sometimes sweary—and it will show you how to write consistently well for your biz.* All you have to do is read it then apply that knowledge. And if you do, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition. Why? Coz most business writing is bad.

*If you think adult humour has no place in marketing (because it’s not big and it’s not clever), please leave now. I would hate (love) to corrupt you.

Content writing help for your business.

Satirical comedy business writer