The long game to attraction: the joy of long-form content

It was a misleading title, and if you were hoping for a guide on how to get laid, I apologise but I have no idea how you do that.

If you would like, instead, to know why I adore all things long-form (steady) then please continue on and read what I have for you. It’s helpful, it might even be entertaining.

What is long-form content?

Some people (w*nkers) get all pedantic-like when defining what is, and isn’t long-form writing. In my world, it’s anything from 800 words to whatever I can be arsed to write. Think blog posts, articles and white papers. I specifically deal in blog posts and anything that will be published on the web for the purpose of promoting your business and attracting clients.

I guess even your website copy can be described as long-form, especially, if like some, you seem to have the entire contents of War and Peace dumped across your site pages.

Oh those people! You know the type, they have 1500 words on their About Page. 

Things are now potentially going to get rather sordid as I attempt to make comparisons with romantic relationships and blog posts

Hold on to your ha’penny!

What’s the long game?

Content marketing is about building relationships, like any worthwhile tryst, it takes time. Long-form is the ‘wine and dine’ method to pulling clients. There is no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am with this approach. In the context of this post that would be the paid ads route. Nothing wrong with that (or casual hook-ups for that matter) however, we want to be wanted for a long time to come and high-quality long-form content is always my preferred method of attracting prospects.

But it won’t happen overnight

You can’t ‘jump into bed’ with a lengthy piece of text (is it getting hot in here?), hence, I’m calling it the long game to attraction, do you see? There will be a mating ritual – a dance that can take a very long time before anyone wants the goods. You have to put in some considerable effort and continue to add top-shelf, tip-top content.

Your preference not only applies to your romantic type but how you want to get clients. You attract by being the perfect partner to those that seek you out

If you have pots of cash to invest in Facebook Ads, and other such campaigns then the long-form, long game probably won’t interest you. Many a freelancer or small business owner won’t have those kinds of funds so they have to spend less money but potentially more time creating great content.

Or they can spend considerably less on advertising and pay a content writer, like me! It depends on your priorities and how quick you want results.

I will always argue that paid ads won’t create much business long term.

like a one night stand, paid ads may give a quick result but you’ll likely want something more meaningful down the road

Or not, again it depends on what you’re after! I have no science to back any of this up.

Law of attraction

When we fancy someone it’s for a number of reasons. We like the look of them, we find certain personality traits appealing and we share things in common. And we don’t make chewing noises when we eat. 

It’s sort of the same with your content. You attract your audience by appealing to certain factors. Just like romantic relationships, you wont be attractive to everyone and that’s exactly the point. Not even Angelina Jolie, that symmetrical-faced, modern-day Venus is everyones cup of tea.

To further illustrate the point, I quite like Claes Bang. A Danish actor of much merit, recently seen by British audiences in the BBC series, Dracula. Now, he’s getting on, is our Claes (not that that was ever a stumbling block to any man on or off, screen – ammirite ladies?) and he may not be considered by some as Mr Hollywood (I’m not talking Paul Hollywood, even I draw the line there). And yet he’s totally hot, in my opinion. And there will be many others who feel the same.

Well, hello there:

The long game of long-form attraction
The bangable Claes Bang. Photo by Andreas Houmann

I’m losing my thread here, what is this post about?

I remember now. So if you want to up your organic website traffic you will need to up the quality of your content, namely your long-form stuff. Your blog is so very important in winning your kinds of prospects/special someone.

But what else?

We know that the beautiful blog is pivotal in driving traffic to our little corner of the online universe, it’s key to how well we rank in terms of SEO. It also shows anyone who cares to read it, how bloody good we are at what we do but that really isn’t all.

One blog post can be repurposed elsewhere. You can publish it as an article on LinkedIn or as a guest post on another site. You can also chop it up and use it across your social media. It really is a versatile little medium that will do wonders for your website. And if you get someone to blog for you, you’ll never be out of content ideas again. You’ll also have more time to do something else, like perv at Claes.

Or David Ginola, or Brian Blessed or whomever floats your boat.

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  1. Well Dave, I can understand why you might be because I am too. You have excellent taste!

  2. Dave says:

    I am deeply in love with David Ginola.

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