Content Confab

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Loved our chat Sarah. It was great to be able to ask all the questions that have been running through my head when I try to SEO my content. To actually speak to a real human, someone living and breathing it rather than just reading theory, makes it all seem achievable and logical. Plus it was loads of fun too.

Leanne Williams, Content Writer

Are you content confused?

You might be stuck on one thing or several little things.

Content creation is important – you know that but it can be a total drag. And sometimes it feels like you’re coming at it all wrong.

Don’t let the niggles stop you from writing. Book a one-to-one with me and we’ll sort it out in a jiffy.

What to expect from the Content Confab.

You get an hour with me to clear up your content conundrum. It can be absolutely anything content related. Here are some of the things you might like to chat about:

  • Your blog
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Tone
  • Target audience

Whatever is bugging you will be de-bugged.


You’ll have the answers in an hour and those answers will help you dance off into the content sunset.


Here’s how to book the Content Confab.

  1. Prepare your questions or a topic for discussion
  2. Email all that to: