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How to write an SEO friendly blog that people want to read

Sounds like an impossible task doesn’t it because we all know SEO is pure witchcraft. And by that I mean it’s really technical and beyond my mental capabilities.

Well, I know some stuff about it so please do, carry on reading.

OK, first you need to know that great writing is already SEO friendly content but that alone isn’t going to be enough to get you visible. Cramming a shit-ton of keywords into the text won’t do it either. Finding that happy place between engaging content and SEO perfection takes skill and time.

Before you write that amazing content…

Think about why you’re writing your blog. If your blog is part of a website that sells a product or service then all content should be created with your client in mind. If you don’t have an ideal client fixing their challenges will make your job much harder. Take a look at my previous post on figuring out the why.

Do your research and find out your keywords

It’s the second time I’ve mentioned ‘keywords’ and now you’re looking at me blank.

Ok, this is what I’m talking about:

And while we’re on the subject, what about these:

Free tools such as Answer The Public are great to see what people are searching for. You can export the data too.

Think about the questions your audience will want answers to. See what other bloggers are doing around the subjects you’re interested in and research the keywords on those subjects.

But wait, there’s more….

When you pop a request into Google (there are other search engines available) you will also see a list of popular searches related to your topic.

Take a look: 

And when you get the search results you’ll also get this: 

The ‘People also ask’ field, how cool is that for more help with your keywords? It’s really bloody cool!

How to write a good blog title

I always start with a title, or at least a working one. All my content springs from there, other bloggers do it differently and you probably will too.

Ok I can now figuratively high-five you because you now know what your audience is looking for and you have your keywords. 

Just like before, Google the type of content you want to write about BUT this time concentrate on the blogs that make the first page in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Pay close attention to the title structure and the description below it (these are your meta tag descriptions). This will give you clues on how to write eye-catching blog posts: 

You want the title to hook the reader. More often than not people are looking for a solution to a problem. Your blog post could be that solution. 

Creating the body of the post

Where you can, tell a story. If you’re old enough to remember, invoke the spirit of Max Bygraves. If you were born after 1985, ignore that reference. Narrative gets the reader invested because humans function that way, it’s in our DNA to like a good yarn.

Pepper your content with your keywords, when I say pepper I don’t mean dredge the entire text to the extent it makes people cough. What I mean is, it has to read well and make sense.

It will negatively impact your search engine ranking if you use too many keywords, the algorithm is an utter bastard like that

Talk to your audience directly, imagine they are sat beside you. We each have an individual voice and you will develop yours through practice. Use words that are easy to understand and avoid jargon if you’re writing for a broad audience.  

Blog structure

Plan your layout. Maybe think in terms of intro, middle and end. Lead your audience through the content. Make sure the text is relevant to the actual title. Break up large chunks of text into smaller paragraphs and use bullet points and pull quotes to make it look visually more appealing.

Other points to remember:

Adding images

When you upload your photos don’t leave their original file name in place. Change them to a title that makes sense to your post and always add something in the “Alt. Text” field. A sneaky way to add some more keywords, naughty!

Add a CTA (Call To Action)

Good job if your reader has read all of the post. Don’t leave them hanging. Give them something to do next in the form of a CTA button (like the image above) or a ‘subscribe’ link to your blog. Make it really easy for them to get more information and to get in contact with you.

Publish and promote!

Spread the word across all your social media. Preach the gospel that is your wonderful, helpful blog! If your post is helpful to others then people might want to feature it on another webpage. Getting a backlink (your website URL) on a credible and trusted site will help no end with SEO. The more quality backlinks the better!

If you’re posting on social media and you have blog posts that are related to that content – say so! Add a link so people can go direct to that great information.

And wait…

SEO ranking doesn’t happen overnight. You have to wait for the pages to get indexed so patience is indeed, a virtue. While you wait, start thinking about your next post. You’re going to need to create consistent, top-notch content to smash your SEO ranking.

Remember SEO is a shifting sand. Algorithms are always changing, you never have time to rest when optimising your blog.

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