Blog for business: 6 reasons why you should

Blog for business: 6 reasons why you should.

Blog for business? Seriously? Who the hell is going to read that shit?

Plenty of people, the trick is to make your business blog worth reading.

“Actually Sarah, I have someone writing my business blog for me.”

Oh, do you? Who, your mum? Your mate’s BF? If you do have someone legit writing your blog (your mum or whatever) then great, this probably isn’t for you.

But maybe what you’re really doing is typing some guff around a few stock images once a year, if you are, that isn’t blogging.

Whether you’ve begun a half-arsed blog or have yet to start a blog (half-arsed or otherwise) stop right now and read why it’s ruddy important.

1. It’s great for your website.

Adding consistent quality content will increase your organic traffic.

That’s free website traffic that builds over time – but only if we keep blogging, yeah. And what do I mean by quality content? Well, that really depends on who you’re writing for and what their interests are. Once you figure that out you can research keywords and phrases that centre your blog posts around certain topics.

If you want more info on blogging with SEO in mind, click here.

2. It’s a stage in your buying process.

We’re all internet users and we’re all looking online for products and services but we’re also looking to be educated.

When that happens we’re searching the net with informational intent. And blog posts nearly always have the answers.

The idea is to create the kind of blog that provides sexy, searchable content. You need your audience to find those lovingly crafted posts. If what you got going on is good, those visitors will remember you.

But wait…

Don’t reveal all your methods.

Tease the audience just enough to get them started (and be well impressed by you). They’ll often lack the motivation to do the work themselves but now they know someone who can do the work. (You. I’m referring to you.)

3. It talks to your client base.

You know what your clients need, you know what things they’re going to be asking. And if you don’t, you absolutely should. There’s no excuse to have not done your homework on this, it’s pretty basic business marketing stuff.

Research your audience.

Think about the things they want to know that surrounds your industry. What solutions do they need that a blog post could provide? How will your blog speak directly to them and help with the burning questions they have?

4. It showcases your knowledge.

This is pretty bloody important to those people who want to hire you.

If you can clearly demonstrate how good you are, your prospects will be in no doubt of your expertise. They will gaze upon you glassy-eyed wondering where the hell you’ve been all their lives. My blog is my portfolio. I work hard creating and amassing useful (and hilarious) content for business owners. It’s the only example of my work they’ll need.

And if they need more convincing, they’re not the right client for me.

5. It builds trust.

There’s a little SEO principle called E-A-T and that stands for expertise, authority, trust.

As we’ve covered expertise, let’s take a look at the other two.

Authority is what you get when you demonstrate your expertise. Not only will prospective customers feel the weight of your abilities but your peers will also. Imagine how powerful it is to be regarded as someone who knows their stuff by others doing the same job. That my friends will lead to trust. People will rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll get the job done.

6. It can be repurposed.

Blog posts are long and they have plenty of useful information that can be used elsewhere.

Just one article will inspire so many shorter social media posts. You can dine out on that content for years (if it’s evergreen, obvs). Think about creating different kinds of content with them. Podcasts, videos, and infographics can all be born from a blog. Get the most out of your long-form writing.

Last things to remember when you blog for business.

If done right, this shit takes time.

The act of researching and writing takes time but so does SEO (the organic traffic bit). Don’t consider blogging if you don’t have the resources.

If you decide to get serious about blogging, the long term benefits will be immense.

Remember what I said about traffic building over time? Well, the more relevant blog content you create, the more that snowball grows. And if like a good little blogger, you get busy promoting and sharing what you write, others will share it and refer back to it.

A blog for business is exciting stuff (no, seriously, it is).

Do you have a terrible business blog? Thinking of starting one? Hit the button.

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